Barbara Wagner is an award winning abstract artist. She has taught at the college level, and paints in her studios in Vermont and California. Her paintings have been in museum shows and have been represented by galleries in Santa Fe, Florida, Memphis, Louisville, Boston, and elsewhere in new England. Barbara’s paintings are in numerous corporate and private collections, in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Abstraction sets me free. It encourages exploration of aesthetic richness and complexity, and pushes me into uncharted territory.  

I rarely start a painting with a preconceived plan. My process is exploratory -- an interplay of purposefulness, accident, and invention.  

Lately, I have become a gleaner of sorts drawn to small bits of collected fabric and various other materials: handmade paper, fragments from an old weathered billboard, horsehair — great boxes of stuff. I find excitement in arranging these shards on the canvas.  

Color then takes over. Color for me is an electrifying force, a powerful stimulant, an adrenaline rush.  

As the painting proceeds, a dialogue is established that is on-going and dynamic— a giving and taking, an adding and subtracting, an intimate partnership between artist and canvas. I look for repetition and variation in color, texture, line, shape and edge. I want the painting to be stimulating when viewed from a distance as well as “up close and personal”.   

What I am ultimately seeking is the “magic” that happens when it all works.